Thank you, MoDoT!

The Warsaw Fire Protection District would like to thank the Missouri Department of Transportation for providing us with a grant for much-needed safety equipment! Thanks to Mark Richerson from the Benton County, MO Emergency Management Agency, who sat down with Chief Rob Lane to complete the grant request, we now have two new “Incident Ahead” … Continue reading Thank you, MoDoT!

Fun at the Firehouse!

Hello, all! Sam here! A couple of weeks ago, I saw a post on Facebook from a foreign fire department who took one of their firefighters and all of his equipment and laid them out to look like a firefighter action figure. Original FB photo Well, I thought that was a hilarious idea and shared … Continue reading Fun at the Firehouse!

What’s on Truck 17?

Hello, everyone! Sam here with the next feature in our “What’s in/What’s on” series! First, I would like to thank volunteer firefighter John Powell. John spent two full hours during one of WFPD’s meeting/training nights walking me around Truck 17, telling me about items carried in and on the truck, and patiently answering my questions. … Continue reading What’s on Truck 17?