May 26 2020 Meeting

Our firefighters work hard to keep up their hands-on training. During the May 26 meeting, it was all about hooking up to fire hydrants and learning the nozzles the district uses! Hydrant attachment training Hose training Something every firefighter has to learn is how to drain a hose properly. With how often we use the … Continue reading May 26 2020 Meeting

4/28 & 5/11 2020 Meetings

April 28 meeting: The April 28th meeting was sparsely populated, as we were deep in the swing of the COVID-19 effort to “Flatten the Curve.” May 11 meeting: As we picked up with regular meetings again, the WFPD received more personal protective equipment (PPE) as part of the overall efforts to keep our first responders … Continue reading 4/28 & 5/11 2020 Meetings